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For Auld Lange Syne

Days gone by, days ahead. The new year brings about a certain melancholy as well as a growing hope for better days over the horizon.

Sweet Memories

Auld Lange Syne.  Days gone by, times past, what lies behind.

The Scottish poet Robert Burns penned a beautiful tribute to sweet memory.  In the New Year’s classic tune, he asks, “Should auld aquaintance be forgot and never brought to mind?…For auld lange syne, my dear…we’ll take a cup of kindness, yet, for auld lange syne.”  It’s the time of year when we take mental inventory of what has transpired in the year behind us and look ahead to what the next 365 days will hold. We are asked what “resolutions” we will make, knowing full-well that we will most likely break the majority of them within the first two weeks of the new year.

Resolutions Worth Keeping

While putting others before ourselves is the basis of Christian charity, life is about balance.  We cannot be an endless font of giving (withdrawals) without replenishing the storehouse (making deposits).  If we do, we become burned out, disillusioned, and disheartened.  We see life through negative eyes, and we quickly retreat into a corner to lick our wounds and battle the ensuing resentments that quickly invade every corner of our minds.  We have to be full to have something to give.

So, I’ve been thinking. What kind of resolutions can I make that I can actually keep?  The following is what I’ve come up with:

I will smile more and worry less.

I will avoid politics like the plague, and I will make time for my hubby and me.

I will not allow every Tom, Dick, and Harry to send me off onto wild goose chases in business, and I will actively work to elevate myself and rise above the crowd of mediocrity.

I will greet each day with eyes of hope instead of dreading some small part of it.

I will savor each and every moment with my children–though they already be grown.  All the more precious is the time with them.

I will practice more. And more. While I am good, I want to be great, regardless of the tool.

I will work to always be prepared for life’s little “situations”.  And I won’t allow said situations to detour me or become stumbling blocks along the way.

I will learn not to say “yes” when I really mean “no”, so that I do not place myself or those around me in a difficult position.

If presented with a genuine opportunity to give, to share, to make a difference, I will act without hesitation.

I will live and let live, but if pushed, I will prevail.

The Bottom Line

Life is precious.  I will savor every moment.  Won’t you?

Happy New Year, one and all.  May your days be merry and bright, and may you make this your best year yet.




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