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Miscellany:  a collection of those little orphan posts that just don’t seem to fit anywhere else.  The poor, the uncategorized, the huddled masses of extemporaneous and random thoughts.

A Life of Riley: All Play and No Work

Sounds too good to be true, doesn’t it? The thought of endless hours lying on a tropical beach underneath a swaying palm, enjoying your favorite novel while sipping on some exotic concoction and nibbling on equally unfamiliar but delicious fare—what could be better?  Skiing down the mountain at lightning speed, the swish of the snow

Goat’s Milk Soaps: The End-All, Be-All of the Soap World?

Hello folks, and happy new year! We are spending the first few days of 2017 looking ahead to what wonderful offerings we can whip up for our spring line of products! A Retrospective. While we are looking forward to a brand-new, sparkly new year filled with promise, we are also looking back at our journey in

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