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The Soul

Feeding our soul can be just as important as feeding our bodies. Transcending the simple “think positive” nature of the mind, our soul must be offered opportunities to give outward and away from ourselves. A healthy soul will consider others first, allowing us to shift focus from our worries and problems to making a difference.

…and she lived happily ever-after…

..she lived happily ever after, not because Prince Charming came riding up on his horse to rescue her, but because she chose to rescue herself.  And bought her own horse.  And Prince Charming thought this was a good thing. And, not because her happiness lay in the trappings of a large mansion and well-groomed estate,

A Life of Riley: All Play and No Work

Sounds too good to be true, doesn’t it? The thought of endless hours lying on a tropical beach underneath a swaying palm, enjoying your favorite novel while sipping on some exotic concoction and nibbling on equally unfamiliar but delicious fare—what could be better?  Skiing down the mountain at lightning speed, the swish of the snow

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