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The Humble Beginning…

humble beginning

To Begin…

“Do not despise humble beginnings,” I’ve been told.  Come to think of it, I’ve spent a lot of time thinking about where to begin this blog, and I keep going back to the same thought:  a “humble beginning”.  So, it just makes sense, starting there.

My beginning in the world of artisanal soapmaking was in 2007, when I was diagnosed with an extreme allergy to commercial soaps and cosmetics.  This, after a lifetime of wondering why I could never find products that did their job and left me feeling, well, “normal”.  At last, I had validation that I was neither crazy nor suffering from a wild imagination.  There was an absolute, concrete reason for my discomfort.  The dermatologist recommended that I be especially careful with what I used, and cautioned that I’d probably live a life of using medical soap for skin and hair.

A Change of Direction—and a New Beginning

“Medical soap?!?”, I screamed in my mind, “Just how much more bland and uninteresting could personal care get?”  Not to mention that those products tend to be drying—just exactly what my tender skin didn’t need.  I didn’t even hear the part about a lifetime spent using steroid creams to stave off itches, hives, and the like.  I’d already made up my mind to do better.  I refused to wash with drying, unfragranced lumps of chemicals, doing myself no favors and making no headway in the healing of my skin.  I decided to find a way to provide myself with soaps, crèmes, and salves that would be gentle to my body, allowing my skin to heal itself.  If I could create products that would quit causing reactions, then my skin could do the rest.

rustic soap

A basic, rustic soap bar made with goat’s milk, oatmeal, and cinnamon oil.

And so began the research.  And experimentation.  And testing.  And researching some more.  Then? Tweaking.

After a year of R&D, I was relatively happy with what I’d created.  So pleased, in fact, that I began to sell out of my excess.  Starting with a basic, rustic soap in several fragrances and color varieties, I moved on to include a small variety of formulations, each targeting a specific skincare need.

Coming of Age

Since then, I have grown.  I am in constant learning mode, and I have achieved a level of professionalism by obtaining certification through the Handcrafted Soap and Cosmetics Guild.  My products have become more refined, and I am now proud to offer a complete line of soaps, crèmes, salves, and more, using only high-end ingredients, organic when available.

Seven Seas Bar

Seven Seas, a bar high in olive and coconut oils and scented with Bay Rum. Guaranteed to bring out your “inner pirate”.

You can bet—I will not settle for where I am at now.  Instead, I will continue to learn and improve.

The future is bright for Wild Roses Artisanal.

I intend to write not just a litany of “oh, use this product for this result” posts, but instead, to explore beauty in life—both internally and externally.  Posts will cover topics such as how happiness factors into beauty, ways that I’ve found to be happier, and in turn, be the best me I can be.  What’s inside is surely to show on the outside.

Won’t you come along for the journey?





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