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Orders & Shipping

Shipping Times

Under normal circumstances, orders are shipped within 3 business days of being placed.  Products are packed in USPS Priority mailers appropriately sized for the order.  Should an item be back ordered, the entire order will be held a maximum of 2 weeks to ensure all items are shipped together.  If backordered item cannot be delivered within the two week timeframe, customer will be contacted and offered a suitable replacement or the option to wait until the item is back in stock.

Small orders

If you are attempting to order small items, such as one or two soaps, one or two deodorants, one soap and one deodorant, or lip balms and the shipping calculator is charging you more than $7.00 in postage, you have the option of contacting me through the contact form link, giving me what you would like to order and your email and mailing addresses, and I can paypal invoice you and save a little on the postage.  It is the long way around to submitting an order, but if you would like to save the postage, I am certainly happy to do that for you.

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